We are a provider of editorial services for individuals, businesses and non-profit organisations across Sri Lanka. We specialize in creative writing, where we carefully listen to your story, and take over the challenge of presenting it’s essence with finesse.

In today’s highly competitive professional environment, there is no room for sloppy copy. In fact, it is more than likely that your organisation’s long term success hinges upon the clarity, completeness and semantic relevance of your public messaging. Well written copy can communicate such things as professional courtesy, and inspire confidence in the reader. Also, for better or for worse, astute readers will form opinions about your team’s intelligence, confidence and influence within your sphere of expertise, when reading your copy.

We at Kathru understand that not all of us have the time to horn the skills that are required to produce world-class writing. You might be struggling to manage budgets, negotiate with investors, or fight fires that keep cropping up within your core business processes. So let us step in and demonstrate how we can help.

We offer to deliver the following artifacts and services:

  • Resumes and job applications
  • Company profiles
  • Press releases
  • Website copy
  • Article length write-ups
  • Blog posts for gaining social media traction
  • Mission critical pitches where the right framing of the message is crucial
  • Summaries or abstracts for business reports
  • Autobiographies and shadow writing services
  • White papers
  • Proofreading, corrections and improvements to existing copy

The contribution that your organization’s creative copy makes towards its success mustn’t be underestimated. Call us  now or contact us online to get your first content development project rolling…