Founded in January 2017, Kathru is a provider of content development and editorial services for businesses, organizations and individuals across Sri Lanka. Kathru’s vision is to uplift Sri Lanka’s business copy standards to that of the best in developed, English-speaking nations, like the United Kingdom.

Business activity in Sri Lanka involves written communication in the English Language. Whilst many businesses are staffed with competent technical persons, we often see innate weaknesses in their language skills, in areas such as grammar, sentence formation, creativity, tenor, appropriateness and overall attractiveness to the targeted reader.

Confusions caused by poor productions of copy have led to a certain degree of inherent inefficiency within many businesses. Kathru envisions alleviating this inefficiency, by serving as an expert consultant competent in creative business writing.

Kathru is led by a dynamic team of professionals with two decades of experience being at the forefront of business writing and corporate communication.

Nilu Rajapakse, Chief Editorial Officer 

Nilu serves as the focal point for Kathru’s editorial activities, and leads the organisation’s vision and strategy. She has nearly two decades of IT Services Management, Corporate Communications and Journalism experience. She serves as a Communications Consultant for the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE), at the International Water Management Institute. She is a feature writer for the Daily Mirror and Lanka Woman, and an avid reader of English-language essays, novels and popular science writing.

Nilu has worked at well-known Sri Lankan entities in the past, like E-W Information Systems, The University of Colombo and Jetwing Group. Nilu was Director, Media and Communications at The Federation of Chambers of Commerce, and helped that organisation bolster its corporate image through her creative writing flair.

Nilu has an MBA and a B.Sc. in Mathematics, from the University of Colombo, and is a Member of the British Computer Society.