Welcome To Kathru

We are a provider of editorial services for individuals, businesses and non-profit organisations across Sri Lanka. We specialize in creative business writing, where we carefully listen to your story, and take over the challenge of presenting it’s essence with finesse. In today’s highly competitive professional environment, there is no room […]

What we do

Resumes and Cover Letters

Applying for your dream job? Need to revamp your resume? Time to pivot to a new industry? These are challenging times, where we need to step back and redefine ourselves. Talk to us discreetly. We at Kathru will help you to be a boss in a storm. We create world-class […]


Struggling to develop a Pitch, E-Mail or Letter that presents a crucial idea to a judgmental audience? Talk to us. Whether its an Elevator Pitch, a PowerPoint Presentation, an E-Mail to a client, or even a Snail Mail to a Government Department, the words you say can make all the […]

Website Copy

Contemplating improvements to your Website Copy, to captivate your audience and elevate its message to a whole new level? Talk to us. Smart, well written content is what sets your website apart from the rest, and makes it touch the hearts and minds of your customers. The success of your […]


Seeking an experienced Creative Writer to pen your Splash on Social and Mainstream Media? Talk to us. In today’s world, brand exposure is obtained through story telling. Your customers or your target audience need to hear about you in a constructive way, beyond mere claims of competency. Often, we do […]

Editorial Services

A clear message and timing are the single most important factors in today’s demanding business world that is buzzing with so many messages. Your message is important and your time is precious to us. That is why we deliver the best, when you need it. With decades of experience in the corporate […]

Company Profiles

Looking to impress prospective clients or investors with a world-class Company Profile? Talk to us. Your Company Profile is a Web page and/or PDF document that absolutely defines how those whom you reach out to electronically aught to perceive your organisation. Prospectors connected through Cold E-Mails and Google Search Results […]

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